Download FlyUnder The Best VPN for Android

Connect to a secure, private, and anonymous internet from your Android devices.

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How to Set Up
FlyUnder VPN for Android

  • Download FlyUnder VPN on your Play Store
  • Open the App and choose your location
  • Tap the connect button and you are online!

You can download FlyUnder VPN from your smartphone, tablet, and all of your Android devices.

Why FlyUnder VPN is The Perfect VPN for Android Devices

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Experience High Speed and Stability

FlyUnder VPN gives you the best experience online with our fast and stable connection.

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Multilingual Interface

Get better understanding while using FlyUnder VPN application in your own language.

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One Tap Connect

Connect with FlyUnder VPN in less than 3 seconds when you hit the connect button.

unlimited bandwidth vpn

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can browse, stream, download, or do anything online without hassle with our unlimited bandwidth.

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Use Phone Securely on
Public WiFi

Enjoy worry-free access online using public WiFi. We keep you secure, private, and anonymous online.

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No Effect on Mobile Speed

Don’t worry, we won’t affect your mobile speed with our light app that doesn’t strain your
mobile device.

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Split Tunneling

You can still access your local network devices and protect the traffic you choose with split tunneling.

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Keep Your Data Safe with
Kill Switch

If your VPN connection drops, the kill switch will block the internet traffic to keep your data safe.

free android vpn locations

Location Feature

With location features, we choose the fastest and the most reliable VPN location for you.

VPN for Android TV

Get the full experience while streaming your favorite TV series and movies online from Android TV. With a VPN you can access Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other streaming services from all around the world without geo-restriction. FlyUnder VPN is very easy and simple to set up right from your Android TV.

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What can You Do with Android VPN?

Stay Secure

Stay secure wherever you are with a VPN installed on your Android devices. Your online identity is highly protected even if you are connected to public WiFi.

Stay Private

Keep your identity private and secure with FlyUnder VPN. You can do anything online with privacy and anonymity and complete protection.

Stream Uninterrupted

What’s more fun than streaming your favorite tv series in high quality without buffering? You can have the full experience by installing FlyUnder VPN on your Android devices.

Download without Fear

Torrenting and downloading large files can take up too much of your time. With a VPN, you can shorten the time and it won’t throttle your speed connection.

Bypass Geo Restriction

Do you want to watch your favorite tv series on the same day as the original country or get access to blocked content? You can bypass the geo-restriction with a VPN.

Online Gaming

You can unlock all features and skin in your online game with a VPN, and win your game online with a stable connection and no hassle.

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Try Android VPN, And Stay Secure And Private?

It’s time to keep your online data secure in every device. Try FlyUnder VPN for Android, and go online without getting afraid your online data gets leaked. Stay protected online with FlyUnder VP.N.


If you’re looking for more info on FlyUnder VPN, here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions.

For further assistance, you can check out our VPN Support.

A VPN will protect your Android devices from being hack, track, and makes sure your personal data is safe. With a VPN you can get so many benefits from bypass geo-restrictions, get a fast and stable connection, and other things that will give you the full experience online.

Setting up a FlyUnder VPN on Android is pretty easy. You just need to search for FlyUnder VPN on Google Store and click “install”. Open the app and click “connect”, after that you can choose any location you want to.

FlyUnder VPN will give you the best protection you could ever ask for. You can do anything online without being afraid of getting track or hack with FlyUnder VPN.