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Keep your data secure, private, and anonymous wherever you are with FlyUnder VPN.

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How to Set Up
FlyUnder VPN for iOS

  • Download and install FlyUnder VPN apps for iOS on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or simply click the link below.
    Get FlyUnder VPN
  • Open the App and choose your location
  • Tap the connect button and you are online!

Contact our team if you need any help to guide you to set up FlyUnder VPN on your iOS devices

FlyUnder VPN for iOS Key Features

high speed vpn

High-end Protection

FlyUnder VPN gives you the best experience online with our fast and stable connection.

vpn app with multi language features

Multilingual Interface

Get better understanding while using FlyUnder VPN application in your own language.

vpn app for ip hide

Mask Your IP

Connect with FlyUnder VPN in less than 3 seconds when you hit the connect button.

vpn app for unlimited devices

Unlimited Devices

You can browse, stream, download, or do anything online without hassle with our unlimited bandwidth.

how to stay safe on public wifi

Stay Secure on
Public WiFi

Enjoy worry-free access online using public WiFi. We keep you secure, private, and anonymous online.

no-log vpn free

Strict No-Logs Policy

Don’t worry, we won’t affect your mobile speed with our light app that doesn’t strain your
mobile device.

split tunneling vpn

Split Tunneling

You can still access your local network devices and protect the traffic you choose with split tunneling.

how to stay safe on public wifi

Keep Your Data Safe with
Kill Switch

If your VPN connection drops, the kill switch will block the internet traffic to keep your data safe.

unlimited bandwidth vpn

Advanced Leak Protection

With location features, we choose the fastest and the most reliable VPN location for you.

What can You Do with FlyUnder VPN for iOS?

Your iPhone and iPad need great protection everywhere you use them. You can stay secure and private even when you are using an unsecured network or public WiFi in your favorite coffee shop or other public areas. You will be protected with FlyUnder VPN military-grade encryption while you are browsing, downloading, or accessing blocked content.

FlyUnder VPN is compatible with:

What can You Do with FlyUnder VPN for iOS?

Stay Secure

Protect your online data
securely with FlyUnder VPN on
your iOS devices.

Anonymize Your Browsing

Everything you do online is private and you will stay anonymous with FlyUnder VPN.

Stream Uninterrupted

Nobody likes being interrupted while streaming. Enjoy buffering-free streaming with FlyUnder VPN.


You don’t have to be afraid that your ISP will throttle your speed connection when you’re torrenting. FlyUnder VPN will keep you anonymous while torrenting.

Bypass Geo Restriction

Unblock restricted content and get access to all the websites from all over the world.

Online Gaming

Get a full experience while online gaming by unblocking all features and skin, and play with a fast and stable connection.

secure and private vpn app

Stay Secure And Private?

Take better protection for your iOS devices with FlyUnder VPN. Stay secure, private, and anonymous online and enjoy total freedom while browsing the internet.


If you’re looking for more info on FlyUnder VPN, here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions.

For further assistance, you can check out our VPN Support.

A VPN will protect your iPhone from getting leaked. Your online data and identity will stay secure and you can do everything online without being tracked.

Definitely yes! A VPN like FlyUnder VPN will give you the best protection while you are staying online. Nobody can track your activity online and your personal data will be secured.

It’s so easy to use a VPN on your iPhone. First, you need to download and install the application from the Apps Store. If you already have a FlyUnder VPN account you can start to sign in with your account and click “configure now”. It will allow the apps to connect to your phone automatically. Once the VPN is enabled, you can connect it anytime you want without opening the apps. You just need to open the app to change the location or adjust other settings.

Yes, iOS is compatible with any kind of VPN.