Is a VPN Safe and Legal?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a safe and legal way to keep you secure, private, and anonymous when you go online.

is a vpn safe
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How is VPN Safe?

When you are browsing the internet without a VPN or Virtual Private Network, your IP address is exposed and your internet data is not secured. Your ISP, hackers, data snoopers, government and third parties can gain access to your data if you are not protected by a VPN. They may see everything you do on the internet. Would you want to be watched?

How VPNs Protect you?

A VPN keeps your online identity secured, preventing you from being tracked over the internet and stops your sensitive data from being leaked. VPN creates a secure tunnel between your devices and the internet to keep you secure, private, and anonymous while using the internet.

The process a VPN uses to protect your transmitted data over the internet is simple. breaks down your internet traffic in smaller data packets encrypts them and sends them over to the VPN server. This data packet encryption method ensures that your data is completely safe from being hacked by unwanted parties.

how vpn protects you

Use A Safe VPN to Protect Yourself

VPN is a perfect online security and privacy solution for your activities on the internet.

Is VPN Safe for Online Banking?

Losing your hard-earned money by getting your bank account hacked is a disaster. A VPN makes sure that when you log in to your bank account, your internet network is hack-proof. A premium VPN service like FlyUnder VPN, using military-grade 256-bit AES protocols will ensure your data will never be accessible to any unwanted parties.

Is VPN safe for Torrenting?

Downloading big files is heavy on your bandwidth and your ISP will intentionally slow down your speed if they detect you taking up too much bandwidth. A VPN makes sure to mask your P2P traffic and make your internet activities undetectable. Your data will be safe from hackers and data snoopers, and your ISP couldn’t throttle your speed.

Is VPN Safe for Mobile Devices?

We rely on our smartphones for everything we do, from streaming videos, playing games to work, and connecting with our loved ones. Having your intimate data hacked or leaked from your smartphone is traumatizing. This means our mobile devices should be protected whenever we connect to the internet through a secure and reliable VPN service.

Is VPN Safe For Streaming?

A lot of content is geo-restricted these days. Certain streaming service providers don’t let you access their content library based on your location. Using a VPN will help you in bypassing all the geo restrictions and get access to the world of content.

Is VPN Safe for laptops?

A lot of people use laptops as their daily companion for work, study, and entertainment. Connecting your laptop with public WiFi can lead to serious risks. Your important data can be hacked if you are using unsecured WiFi. By using a VPN you can enjoy risk-free WiFi in your favorite coffee shop, shopping mall, school or any other public place.

Is VPN Safe for Downloading?

Nobody wants to wait too long when downloading some files. Whether you need it immediately or you just don’t have time to wait. Getting interrupted with an unstable connection and having to start over to download your files is stressful enough. A VPN will shorten your long waits with fast speed and stable connection without any speed throttling.

Is VPN Safe for Public Wifi?

Public wifi can be very convenient for you when you are in a public area such as school, airport, or your favorite coffee shop. Public wifi can also be a hotspot for hackers, trackers, and data snoopers. A hacker can easily target your device to spread malware when you use public wifi without protection from a VPN service.

Is VPN Safe for Online Gaming?

Geo-restrictions are a huge mood killer when online gaming. There are so many cool skins, items and level ups that are either geo-restricted or the price is different from other countries. A VPN can help you gain all the game features you want, and you can find the best deal for your online gaming experience.

Features that make FlyUnder VPN a Safe VPN

online security from vpn

Complete Online Security

FlyUnder VPN makes sure your data is protected and secured on the internet by creating a secure tunnel between your devices and the internet to keep you secure, private, and anonymous.

vpn secure from tracking and snooping

No Tracking and Snooping

Experience a worry-free internet experience when using FlyUnder VPN. We make sure your online data is safe from tracking and snooping by ISP, government, hackers, and unwanted parties.

vpn military grade encryption

Military-Grade Encryption

FlyUnder VPN gives you the best protection with military-grade 256-bit AES protocols that will ensure your data safe from unwanted parties, keeps you private, and stays anonymous while using the internet.

vpn provide advance encryption

Advanced Encryption

To protect your private data, a VPN splits your data into little packets, which are then encapsulated into other outer packets. These packets ensure that your private data is secure while traveling on the internet.

no user log vpn

No User Logs

FlyUnder VPN’s no log policy means we don’t keep any record of your online activities and don’t log your browsing data.  Even if authorities ask for any data we cannot provide them with anything.

no ip address leak flyunder vpn

No IP Address Leaks

Another essential feature of a Safe VPN is their ability to effectively mask your original IP address with the IP address of the location you chose to connect to with the VPN. 

Benefits of Using a Safe VPN

Easy Access to Content

A Safe VPN will let you easily access content from anywhere in the world with complete security and privacy. It will bypass all the geo-restriction put in place by your ISP.

Remote Access for Work

It is super essential to have a VPN that is not only safe but is also reliable when connecting to the internet ensuring you always have a steady connection when connected for work.

Secure Your Online Account

With a VPN your internet connection will be encrypted with military grade encryption that will not let any unwanted third parties get access to your internet traffic and data.

No Speed Throttling

You can stop your ISP from throttling your speed and keeping an eye on your internet traffic by using a VPN. No more buffering while watching your favorite TV series or online gaming.

Is Free VPN Safe?

Dangers of a Free VPN

A free VPN that promises you privacy, security and anonymity might sound like a great deal. But in reality a free VPN can be full of dangerous malware, and sell your data to other third parties. Free VPNs also come embedded with third-party trackers that can easily track your online activity and relay them to unwanted parties.

The benefit of a Premium VPN

A premium VPN grants you access to advanced internet security protocols and makes sure you get total security without worrying about your online identity. You can get full access to all the features so you can stay secure, private, and anonymous while you are online.

is free vpn safe
are vpn legal

Are VPN Legal Everywhere?

VPN is legal in so many countries in the world. Despite this, there are countries that have banned VPN for their citizens and keep a closed fist in allowing internet accessibility. They track their citizens' activities online citing baseless claims of national security, maintaining integrity or securing citizens from negative propaganda. Mostly, such governments are only serving their own hidden agendas.

Although VPN is legal in the vast majority of countries in the world, doing illegal activities such as selling drugs, spreading malicious software, or doing unethical activities online is prohibited. There are some countries that only give a legal allowance to use VPN for Banks or companies. Check the map below to see which countries have banned usage of VPN for their citizens:

Countries Where VPNs Are Illegal

Why You Should Choose FlyUnder VPN

secure internet with vpn

Secure Internet

FlyUnder VPN will protect your online data securely with military-grade 256-bit AES protocols.

fast connection vpn

Fast connection

You can have full experience streaming in the best quality without having to wait.

no log policy vpn

No Logs- Policy

You don’t have to worry, FlyUnder VPN never collects and shares your data online.

stable connection flyunder vpn

Stable Connection

Enjoy your video streaming and online gaming uninterrupted with our stable connection.

24/7 support flyundervpn

Support 24/7

Do you have any questions? Our team will support you anytime. Just contact us!

one tap connect vpn

One Tap to Connect

FlyUnder VPN is easy to connect. Just one tap and you are set to online.

flyundervpn protect your ip

Protect Your IP

FlyUnder VPN is protecting your IP address so unwanted parties can leave you alone. 

torrent without fear with vpn

Torrent without Fear

Download and share large files fast and easy with our secure P2P service. 

by pass geo restriction vpn

Bypass Geo-Restriction

No more blocked content and websites. You can access anything from all around the world.

smooth streaming vpn

Uninterrupted Streaming

Enjoy streaming your favorite content without getting interrupted with a stable connection.

secure and safe log policy

Mobile Optimized

Enjoy a secure, private and anonymous connection everywhere you go with mobile optimization. 

flyunder vpn stable connection

Stable Connection

Install FlyUnderVPN on all of your devices and you can connect them all at once. 


If you’re looking for more info on FlyUnder VPN, here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions.

For further assistance, you can check out our VPN Support.

VPN is legal in most of the countries in the world. But there are several countries that banned the use of a VPN for their citizens because of safety reasons. You can check here for countries that banned VPNs. Therefore, there are also some countries that only allow big companies or banks to use VPN.

Using a VPN is currently legal in the USA. But using it for crime related activities will lead you to a major problem. You cannot use a VPN for cyber criminals, and do unethical activities.

You can use VPN without getting trouble in countries where VPN is legal. Make sure to know whether your country is allowing the use of VPN or not before using one. If you are using VPN for doing unethical activities such as cyber bullying, or cyber criminals like selling drugs and other illegal things then yes, you can get trouble for using a VPN.

A premium VPN is untrackable, your IP Address will be hidden and changed into another IP Address from another country so nobody can track you. Not even your ISP.

A VPN is the safest way to stay secure and protected online.

A VPN with no-logs policy like FlyUnder VPN will make sure your private activities can only be accessible for yourself only.

A VPN will encrypt your data online and keep the tracker away from tracking you.

Having a VPN is worth it because a VPN will keep you data secure, and your activity private and anonymous. You can bypass geo-restriction and access blocked content.