What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network gives a secure,

private and anonymous access to the internet.

what is vpn

What is a VPN? And How does it work?

If you are connected to the internet, your ISP, hackers, data snoopers, trackers, and certain government agencies can access your data. They can see every file you download, every link you click, every video you play, every website you visit, and every email you send. To safeguard yourself from being in such a vulnerable state, you need to use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network.

When you install and run a VPN client like FlyUnder VPN, the VPN server will become the main gateway between you and the internet. It starts by the VPN client authenticating your internet device with the VPN server you are trying to connect to.

Once authenticated, the VPN client creates a secure tunnel between your devices such as smartphone, Smart TV, tablet, laptop, router or computer, and the internet. The server then applies an encryption protocol over your internet connection and secure your data from any intrusion and hacking.

The beauty of VPN lies deeper than this. Before sending out any data from your device to the internet destination such as a browser, website, streaming platform, or bank account, it is broken into small packets, which are then further encapsulated in to another outer packet. This outer packet ensures that your data is secured while traveling to or back from your intended internet destination.

Once this heavily encrypted data packet reaches the VPN server, it is decrypted and relayed to its intended destination. The encryption protocols are at the core of this whole process, and each has its unique features.

Vpn isp connection

ISP Connection

ISPs don’t provide you with any sort of network encryption, making you open for data breaches and leaks. They are also notorious for throttling your speed if you use too much network bandwidth.

Vpn client

VPN Client

When you connect with a VPN client like FlyUnder VPN, the VPN client encrypts your data with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption that ensures no one can get in your network.

internet with a vpn server

Internet with a VPN Server

The VPN client will also hide your real IP Address by assigning you another IP Address. This way, you are virtually undetected and private on the internet. Total freedom!

VPN Encryption Protocols

What is a VPN protocol and are the VPN protocols used for, are the two questions each VPN user asks at some point in time when they have to decide which protocol they should connect to, on their VPN.

The VPN encryption protocols are a set of standards used to encrypt data packets over the internet. VPN clients support a bunch of encryption protocols. Each encryption protocol for a VPN has pros and cons, typically revolving around speed, security, and platform support. The most common encryption protocols for a VPN client are:


Internet Key Exchange protocol version 2 is one of the most recent and advanced VPN protocols out there on the block. IKEv2, developed by CISCO and Microsoft, is mainly a tunneling protocol paired with IPSec for enhanced encryption. IKEv2 is fast, secure, and easy to set up as its main stand out feature is its ability to adapt to network changes very well. It is an excellent choice for any user who switches between multiple networks at their office or home.

Open VPN

OpenVPN is an open-source protocol that is the most popular encryption protocol being used. The main reason for its popularity is its ability to be able to work with any port. Meaning you can connect super fast. It is easy to set up, and you will get past almost every firewall and network restrictions. This ease of setup makes it desirable by users interested in online gaming and video streaming as it is super compatible with UDP ports. UDP ports are faster than other ports.


PPTP or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is the oldest protocol of the bunch. It is super fast, making it favorable for users who play online games, watch online content, or do tons of browsing. Being fast is a significant upside, and hands down PPTP is the fastest of all protocols, but it has a downside. It uses less encryption to encrypt its data packets. This trade-off between higher speeds and less encryption has made PPTP not a favorable protocol for a VPN client.


Wireguard is an open-sourced VPN protocol that has recently been made popular mainly because of it being light and fast. It has around 4000 lines of code as opposed to other VPN encryption protocols with tens of thousands of code lines. Fewer code lines mean it is faster and uses less bandwidth with fewer errors and bugs. Wireguard right now is under development and still requires more security testing and development until it can hit commercial markets ready for mainstream adoption.

What does a VPN do?

What does a vpn do

Keeps you Secure

We live on the internet. We use the internet for entertainment, connecting with our loved ones, for learning, for our daily news, for the latest trends. Our data is on the internet, including our bank accounts, personal data, and social media accounts. We connect to public WiFi without any second thought. But do we ever stop and think if all this we do on the internet is secure?

A VPN helps you by encrypting your internet connection and internet data by using advanced encryption methods to keep your online identity safe.

Keeps you Private

Being secure on the internet is only half the job done. It is equally important to stay private and hidden on the internet to ensure you cannot be tracked. In case you are not staying hidden on the internet using a VPN, you can face troubles like your ISP can throttle your speed, services, and websites might change online shopping prices.

Trackers will track you on what sites you visited and show you ads accordingly. With using a VPN like FlyUnder VPN, you can have peace of mind that you are 100% anonymous on the internet.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

A lot of countries allow access to certain websites, apps, social platforms. Why should you be restricted from accessing a particular site or content just because you live in another region? They restrict you by mapping your IP address to different regions. But when using a VPN, your IP address gets hidden.

You have the freedom to connect to different servers, so these restrictions are bypassed. You get easy access to the whole internet to access and unblock content, torrent, block ads, and browse the internet.

Why do I need a VPN?

Why you need a VPN depends on how you use the internet. You might wonder that you have nothing to hide, so why do you need a VPN? Ask yourself, would you like being watched and followed over the internet?

Bypass geo restrictions

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Your internet freedom and access can be controlled just by the fact where you are located. Defeat geo-restrictions by hiding your IP and connect to FlyUnder VPN’s premium servers.

stay safe on public wifi

Stay Safe on Public WiFi

We all connect to public WiFi. They are easy and convenient. But they are also hotspots for hackers, malware, trackers, and spyware to attack your online data and privacy.

increase online security vpn

Increased Online Security

With cases of hacking and data leakages increasing in number every year. It is smart to protect your private data from such attacks and stay private by using a VPN. Whatever you do, A VPN always have your back.

vpn protect your online identity

Protect Your Online Identity

The internet is full of websites that ignore your right to privacy, malware that infects your computer, spyware that tracks everything you do. VPN make sure you stay safe from leakages.

vpn torrent download

Download and Torrent

ISPs are known for speed throttling on downloads. Don’t let your ISP throttle your speed by staying anonymous using FlyUnder VPN and accessing fast premium p2p enabled servers.

stream unlimited content with vpn

Stream Unlimited Content

With a VPN like FlyUnder VPN, you will be able to access streaming platforms and websites anywhere in the world to enjoy seamless streaming on streaming optimized high-speed servers.

Internet without VPN vs Internet with VPN

internet with vpn or without vpn
is vpn legal

Is VPN legal?

VPNs are an excellent tool for being secure, evading restrictions and access the internet with complete freedom. Almost all countries in the world allow VPN usage and have no laws banning or restricting the use of Virtual Private Networks. This being said, ten countries ban the use of Virtual Private Networks by law quoting reasons as upholding national security or stopping extremist views from spreading within their citizen population. Yet, VPNs remain one of the most popular tools for online security, privacy, and anonymity.

It is your right to use a VPN?

The internet was founded as a tool to further human progress and connectivity. It was based on the principles of being open, free, and equal access for all. Yet some governments, organizations, and companies restrict internet access and freedom and implement unjust censorship. Using a VPN will allow you to access the internet and reap the full benefit of the internet as it was meant to. But it is essential to understand that illegal activities without a VPN will still be illegal even when connected to a VPN.

are vpn legal and right
isp know using vpn

Will my ISP know if I use a VPN?

Your Internet Service Provider or ISP knows everything you do online. They are notorious for keeping tabs and throttling speed when a user uses too much bandwidth, uses p2p file sharing like torrenting, stream content in 4k or HD+, and placing geo-restrictions on specific platforms and websites. To protect yourself from your ISP snooping on you and keeping track it is critical that you use a VPN. This way your ISP will only know that you are using a VPN and not what you are doing.

What are the must have features for a VPN?

A great VPN should be covering all the aspects of your internet usage. It should be armed with the right kind of features to ensure your online security, online privacy and online anonymity.

vpn server network

VPN Server Network

Does your VPN provider have premium servers in all the major locations? Better locations mean better access to the internet and also more servers mean more options.

vpn network bandwidth

Network Bandwidth

Limited bandwidth means you will have a limited bandwidth to use the internet. An unlimited bandwidth VPN will enable you to use internet without any restrictions.

Connection Speed

Some VPNs are known to bring your network speed down significantly when connected. Speed should not be the price you pay for better security and privacy on the internet.

vpn encryption protocols

Encryption Protocols

Without access to newer and updated VPN encryption protocols you will be on a higher chance of getting hacked, leaking data, getting hit by malware or tracking.

vpn tech support

Tech Support

Knowing that there is always someone who can answer your questions and solve your problems is a huge relief. Getting quick and effective support is a must.

vpn p2p functionality

P2P Functionality

Peer-to-Peer file sharing and downloading is not something all VPNs provide. Make sure your VPN provider supports P2P & unlimited bandwidth to take full advantage of P2P.

Why Choose FlyUnder VPN

FlyUnder VPN provides you with a complete Virtual Private Network that will keep you secure, private, anonymous and bypass internet geo restrictions and censorship.

vpn speed


VPNs are notorious for slashing your internet speed. With FlyUnder VPN’s superior tech you will have fast and smooth service no matter what you do online. Stream, browse, work, game with complete peace of mind.

flyunder vpn reliability


Connect FlyUnder VPN once & it stays connected without any hiccups. It will not disconnect as other VPN providers. You can expect FlyUnder VPN to have your back online when you need it the most.

what is vpn security


FlyUnder VPN uses IKEv2 encryption protocol with our proprietary VPN technology to ensure you are always secure, private and anonymous online. Your online identity will always be protected and leak proof.

flyunder vpn quick connect

Quick Connect

FlyUnderVPN creates an encrypted connection with the VPN server under 3 seconds to keep you secure and private on the internet. One tap to the connect button and you are secured by FlyUnder VPN.

free flyunder vpn

3-Day Trial

Enjoy and use FlyUnder VPN’s superior VPN service to the fullest before buying our premium vpn version. Buying a VPN is always a gamble, but not with FlyUnder VPN. Complete peace of mind, guaranteed.

vpn 24/7 support

24/7 Support

We are always an email away. Got a question? Hit a snag? Can’t figure out something? Just drop us an email. We are always connected and ready to support and help you with anything you need.

How to Buy a VPN?

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How to Install and Setup my VPN

Installing FlyUnder VPN is easy.

Download our Mac, Android, iOS apps.
For Mac App
  • You will be given generated credentials. Save them as they will be generated only once.
  • Log in using the generated credentials.
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For Android and iOS apps
  • You will be auto logged in using your play store/app store email id.
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Are there any VPN alternatives?

You can use other online tools to enhance your internet security, privacy and anonymity. But are they alternatives to using a Virtual Private Network like FlyUnder VPN?

A short answer is No! Let’s take a quick look at the two supposedly VPN alternatives.


The Onion Router or TOR directs your internet traffic through a free worldwide network of relays or nodes. Your internet data is hoped through several different relays making it impossible to track or do surveillance on internet data being relayed through TOR.

Using TOR with conjunction to a Virtual Private Network gives a huge boost to the security of your online identity. But a major drawback for TOR is its speed. With your data doing multiple hops throughout the globe it is not really ideal for browsing, online gaming or streaming. Plus it is also not possible for you to do any VoIP using TOR.


A proxy acts as a gateway to your internet traffic. It is perfect for basic level stuff such as staying anonymous on the internet, keeping safe from Web RTC Leaks or bypassing any geo restrictions on the websites. But when it comes to online security and protecting you from surveillance, tracking or hacking the proxies are useless.

A major problem with proxies is they provide no encryption to your internet data. Plus they are generally slow and you face a lag when trying to use it for streaming content. Moreover, proxies being free, you are always at a risk of your data being sold to “third parties”.


Personal VPN is a VPN for individuals and personal purposes. The user may use the VPN to connect to Public WiFi, stream online content, play online games, or generally keep privacy and security when connecting to the internet.

A business VPN is for corporations who want to give their employees a secure end to end encrypted connection to access cloud resources, files or intranet of the company.

Paid VPNs are safer, faster, with advanced features, reliable products, customer support and have integrity when handling your data.

Free VPNs are known to sell data or your browsing history to third parties to turn a profit. Are unreliable in security and can cause your device to get infected with malware.

A premium VPN with advanced features like, FlyUnder VPN will not slow your internet speed down noticeably. The internet speed does get affected based on how far the server is from you, your internet connection reliability, how powerful your CPU is etc.

FlyUnder VPN will connect and show you the status of its connection in the app. After that, it is in the background encrypting all your internet connection.

To know if your VPN is working and encrypting your internet connection, you will need to run some quick tests.

1. Start by checking what your IP is without connecting to the VPN server. Note your IP down somewhere.

2. Start by checking what your IP is without connecting to the VPN server. Note your IP down somewhere.

3. Now this should be enough to check if the VPN is working or not, but if you want to go an extra mile, you can run a DNS Leak Test.

4. To run a DNS Leak test, head over to dnsleak and run the standard test. Once the test finished, it should not show the name of your ISP.

DNS or Domain Name System is used to translate web domains into numerical IP addresses. This numerical IP address is used to route internet traffic between servers. ISPs assign their customers a DNS server which is then used to log and record user’s internet activities.

A DNS leak occurs when connected to a VPN network the operating system continues to keep using the default DNS server instead of the anonymous DNS servers assigned by the VPN network. The DNS leak is a major security and privacy threat for the users.

FlyUnder VPN is completely committed to ensure your users have an enriching internet experience. This boils down to FlyUnder VPN providing top of the link security features and protection including DNS leaks so that your ISP cannot snoop in on your internet activity.

FlyUnder VPN has servers in the USA, UK, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Japan. With our server network expanding, you will see other tons of locations added to our network.

Internet service providers or ISPs are known to throttle speeds and send internet data through inefficient routes to ensure that all their users on average, get an overall nice experience. This delays your uploading and downloading speeds. In such a case, using a VPN might improve your internet speed by hiding your IP address and not letting the ISP to track your internet activities so they can put certain restrictions in place.

You can connect upto 5 devices with FlyUnder VPN. You can easily link devices through the App and the web portal.

A top of the line security feature loaded VPN like FlyUnder VPN will be impossible to hack into and harm your online security and privacy.