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When you install and run a VPN client like FlyUnder VPN, the VPN server will become the main gateway between you and the internet. It starts by the VPN client authenticating your internet device with the VPN server you are trying to connect to.

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Internet Key Exchange protocol version 2 is one of the most recent and advanced VPN protocols out there on the block. , developed by CISCO and Microsoft, is mainly a tunneling protocol paired with IPSec for enhanced encryption. is fast, secure, and easy to set up as its main stand out feature is its ability to adapt to network changes very well. It is an excellent choice for any user who switches between multiple networks at their office or home.

or Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is the oldest protocol of the bunch. It is super fast, making it favorable for users who play online games, watch online content, or do tons of browsing. Being fast is a significant upside, and hands down is the fastest of all protocols, but it has a downside. It uses less encryption to encrypt its data packets. This trade-off between higher speeds and less encryption has made not a favorable protocol for a VPN client.

is an open-sourced VPN protocol that has recently been made popular mainly because of it being light and fast. It has around 4000 lines of code as opposed to other VPN encryption protocols with tens of thousands of code lines. Fewer code lines mean it is faster and uses less bandwidth with fewer errors and bugs. right now is under development and still requires more security testing and development until it can hit commercial markets ready for mainstream adoption.

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Peer-to-Peer file sharing and downloading is not something all VPNs provide. Make sure your VPN provider supports P2P & unlimited bandwidth to take full advantage of P2P.

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FlyUnder VPN uses encryption protocol with our proprietary VPN technology to ensure you are always secure, private and anonymous online. Your online identity will always be protected and leak proof.

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You can use other online tools to enhance your internet security, privacy and anonymity. But are they alternatives to using a Virtual Private Network like FlyUnder VPN?

A short answer is No! Let’s take a quick look at the two supposedly VPN alternatives.

A proxy acts as a gateway to your internet traffic. It is perfect for basic level stuff such as staying anonymous on the internet, keeping safe from Web RTC Leaks or bypassing any geo restrictions on the websites. But when it comes to online security and protecting you from surveillance, tracking or hacking the proxies are useless.


VPNs are known to sell data or your browsing history to third parties to turn a profit. Are unreliable in security and can cause your device to get infected with malware.

1. Start by checking what your IP is without connecting to the VPN server. Note your IP down somewhere.

2. Start by checking what your IP is without connecting to the VPN server. Note your IP down somewhere.

dnsleak and run the standard test. Once the test finished, it should not show the name of your ISP.